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    Hey folks,

    This is Aaron from St. Louis, MO posting on behalf of my wonderful girlfriend who has suffered from anxiety for most of her life, but is lately getting much worse due to work-related stress. She has issues with anxiety, insomnia, decision making, and coping skills. We've been to a few doctors (haven't found a good one yet) and we've reached out locally to find some guidance on what steps to take, but so far we haven't seen very measurable results. To me, it seems like our path is to find a good doctor, therapist, and possibly a support group or outpatient program for her. If anyone can help, we would be very grateful. Particularly, if anyone knows of a local doctor or program we can reach out to, that would be amazing, or even a phone number to call that gets us pointed in the right direction would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Hi Aron. My suggestion would be to Search the following in Google → St. Louis Mental Health Services This will provide you with more accurate information as to the services in you area.

    looking for advice in an online forum designed for suffers of anxiety and other related mental health issues may yeild you some form of commiseration, but I doubt you will get the same quality information that you would obtain from further investigation from your own perspective combined with others not so affected.

    You could keep doctor hopping until you reach that 'good' doctor with all the answers, but most of the time it does not work like that. I feel your pain.

    If your girlfriend has not tried Therapy then Yea ... you could try that. The only way it's going to work though is if your Girlfriend 'want' to do the work that's involved with therapy? This is why self referral is often recommended. It's also why giving advice for others is rife with all kinds of pot holes. Obviously your girlfriend is that best person to know what it is and how she ticks and best of all ... what path the she wishes to take.

    Best that can happen here is for others to give their advice based on their own experiences / bias ... which can be good for commiseration, although often ends up in receiving advice not tailored to your girlfriends needs which again; only she can really say.

    Therapy and Support Groups have helped me a lot. But I know from experience in a family of hard and complex cases with other members running about trying to solve the riddle, it never works unless the affected person puts in the effort to receive the help.

    Again ... for more actuated information in your local are I suggest using google as above but with more appropriate search strings tailored to your girlfriends needs.

    Is there anything else you can tell us to get things off your chest? That we could probably do more to assist if not just for you to be heard? It would help others better respond.



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