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    Making a small thing into a big thing

    My anxiety has been through the roof for the past few months.
    I thought I was slowly starting to get back to how I was and itís gone out of control again.

    Had a strange thing happen today. Maybe not strange to everyone but itís really made me anxious.

    Had someone tag me on Facebook about a lost purse.
    Then got an email from police to say they had found my purse. I wasnít sure if it was legit but when I went down it was my purse!
    Someone had stolen it out of my car in the last couple of days.
    For some reason this had made me really anxious and I feel like everyone has an agenda or they are all against me. Iím really struggling.
    I feel constantly worried that something is going to happen and Iím struggling to deal with it. I just want to sleep all the time and not do anything

    Has anyone got any advice over the constant worry?

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    Having your purse stolen and then returned isn't an everyday event and I can see how it has become a focus for your anxiety. The bottom line, of course, is that something good happened to you - you got your purse back, but I know its hard to focus just on the good thing that happened and ignore all the other imaginings. I am walking like mad these days to help with my anxiety. Don't know if that would work for you. Sure hope that you will soon be able to let go of this. Hang in there.



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