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    Driving myself crazy

    A little back story, I was reading the instructions in the water pik if you accidently squirt it up your nose you can get this brain eating bacteria which is rare so don't squirt it up your nose... So stupid me takes it out of my mouth and some of it gives in my nose... now I can't stop freaking about about this naegleria towleri and I had a panic attack.

    Anyone have some advice on this bacteria or anything I can do to relax myself? It seems like it is very rare but I can't stop from thinking about it...

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    Pick up a book on cognitive behavioral therapy and start working through the exercises related to anxiety and hypochondria.

    There's nothing I can tell you about your health worries that will bring you permanent comfort. There's no such thing as 100% health or 100% safety. Anxiety will always find a way to thrive in those small areas of uncertainty.



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