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    Positive Thinking. Don't think it - Be It!

    'Positive Thinking' sells so well because it's easy to THINK than it is to DO! Like 'YEA!!! I need only think it - in order to manifest it!" *Poof - Just like that → Magic! - "Let's call it a Secret and sell it like that - Yea that will do - $$$!!!"

    Whatever way you look at it, we live in a culture of quick fixes. No longer is it sufficient to enjoy our cuppa while our web page loads. (arrrr thems were the days) We now have tantrums if the process is longer than the taking a sip! What I am trying to say it this → Positive thoughts with no action can be likened to junk food that sets off all kinds of tingly feelings. Moreover before the food comes out the other end your left feeling unsatisfied, wanting more and wondering where the *&^$ it went? The appeal is very enticing!!! Positive thoughts smell really good.

    I will become bigger, better, sexier and I'll have more. Oh YEA!!! I got to get me some of that ... tick tick tick tick ... I just need only think positive thoughts ... HMMM MMMMMMM ... this feels so good! BUT THEN - before your webpage loads and you see others manifesting their things ... Your suddenly back to feeling like shit.

    My above interpretation highlights the need to keep things real. Intention is everything. Newly laid out affirmations are only as good as one's preceding actions. What ever way you look at it ... it takes effort and sadly living in an age where the ideals are focused on quick fixes and eternal bliss ... the misconception of positive thinking is as hard to give up as freshly baked bread, sugar loaf, crumbed chicken and crispy chips!

    Being positive (strength based language is taking out the term 'thinking' weak version = positive thinking) has it's place. Long term negative thinking patterns do damage. Many of us in here are living examples of that. Depression sucks big time. Focusing on Positive elements throughout our day helps to keep us from thinking point blank. It's OK to vent those negative thoughts rather than let them manifest into more pain and illness. My only tip is when venting like so, is to keep a check on your bodies health. It's taxing to vent. I find it's best to keep a little steam so that one has enough energy left to focus on repairing.

    Repairing the damage is in the doing, but doing without making too much to do. Yet something else we are addicted to. Getting back up then once again; moving. Letting lose without end, will leave little to no enough gas for fostering hope. Hope is hopeless without action. lest we eternally always be left saying "I hope ... " The latter being one of the most shallow of words for those of us that know depression so well.

    Hope is that spark that many of us struggle to feed during those long bouts of constant negative thinking. Hope is hopeless without action; yet the spark that ignites positive thoughts. When done with genuine intent such a process leads to 'being' positive in negative situations without all the BS thinking. That sounds like real hope to me. The fostering of hope that fuels the desire to become so much more than wishful thinking.

    On that note ... I best get up and go for a walk.

    What do you guys think? Getting sick of all this talk on just think?

    Positive Thinking. Don't think it - Be It!
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    But, there is really no such thing as quick fix, yeah?

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    Very nice D. The only problem is to program yourself to see positive in negative situation. I am working on it for about 30 years, not working at all. Anyway when I go to bed I lie down , and enjoy the way mattress does feel, and I am trying to be grateful, I am grateful, Thinking that I have comfy mattress, roof over my head, and i never go hungry when it is a dream for millions of people,
    I found trying to think positive is somehow takes me off my patch. ........... if anyone understands it, it will be you D.
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Didn't have time to read this, mate. I'm too busy positive thinking a briefcase full of cash. Can't look away, it'll be here at any moment



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