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    Depression and Anxiety

    I was wondering if it's possible that one can have both depression and anxiety together? Or if one is depressed, he or she doesn't have to be anxious or panicky? and vice versa?

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    In my experience that is a Yes & Yes.

    Often I have experienced one without the other, but then true to form - the two being renowned for feeding each other from both angles I've later had manic episodes whilst feeling extremely depressed at the same time.

    So it is I feel confident in saying that whilst one can be anxiously happy one day and despairingly calm the next; that when both states are endured for long periods, they tend to play on each other where both traits are experienced at the same time. Without help manic episodes are not uncommon where both major depression, extreme anxiety become intermixed developing into yet more serious mental health conditions.

    In short ... leaving one condition untreated over a long period of time typically leads into the another condition where any number of other conditions then may further complicate ones mental health.

    Solution ... As a Certified Pensioned Off Major Depressive Case with Social and Agoraphobic tendencies combined with type 1 bi-polar eps + borderline paranoia with several other elements of extreme anxiety (Hyper vigilance and yadda yadda + more yadda yadda) ... I have found dealing with Depression 1st the best place to start when attempting to reach into the core beyond all those fancy symptoms/labels. Been medicated for years and even then found therapy dealing with depression the main focus adopted by those psychologists I found to be worth their salt.

    Letting depression take place long term is like cancer in the brain. I whole heatedly have come to see it's depression that's the 1st thing. I've been termed ADHD and can call upon the anxiety card in a hart beat, but know it's so overplayed. Depression is the one that's much harder to address as its so oh easy to let slip. "I'm just anxious ... I'm not depressed!" Being anxious holds less stigma than being depressed. No one wants to be around depressed people - Anxious people can make out that there extroverts which is what our society is teaching most upstanding successful and popular citizens to be. Being depressed is akin to being an introvert which is the unpopular choice because everyone wants to be so much more than why they already be. Alas ... the latter dynamic is what leads into the overwhelming current crisis of major depression gripping our culture and when endure long enough with so much pent up energy starting out in life ... anxiety then raised it's head.

    AKA Alan Watts and his
    Double Bind teachings with
    social & cultural conflict:

    Please do excuse the dreary picture. My take home message is once again dealing with the depression as leaving that go is a sure way to lead into multiple episodes on many levels. I acknowledge the dark side knowing that if I don't, I'll only wind up acting full time without really living ... as apposed to acting as a means to an end → re → Act How You Want To Feel ← Great video!)

    The animation I link above is more about the pros and cons of where I choose to focus regardless of whatever reality I find myself in. You may be thinking WTF has any of this got to do with the OPs question? For me ... it's everything!

    There is no short answer ... not in my book ... if there were I would simply say -

    "we would do well to think outside the box!"

    Disclaimer ... My head is still stuck in the box. Seriously ... laughter is the best medicine ... even if we must act! Just don't be a full time major depressive or manic worrier and most of all ... don't be a full time actor ... unless you can pull it off like Mr Jim Carry! A guy with all the emotions bubbling up on the surface, who allows them to be there:

    He is a curious guy in the world of extroverts and popularity ... that said I think he offers up a lot of hope and inspiration in letting go of all the crap and helps to give direction towards ease of suffering.

    which reminds me of his Eckhart Tolle speech

    Screw being depressed or anxious ... but yea and yea. You can be either way and or both at the same time ... take your pick ... for today ... I pick neither!
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    Yes, they very often go hand in hand. In fact, I would say most people have both.

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    I do!

    I enjoyed that video of Jim Carrey. Watched it twice already. Makes me reflect upon my up and down emotions, the ones I try to hide/disguise largely ineffectively; I admit. In an effort to be (come across as) "Normal", the opposite happens. I suppose If I could just 'be me' in this society I would be happy and not so depressed all the time. There was a time when didn't try to act, but it was so far in the past. I'm quite certain people use to think I was nuts, but at least I was genuine.

    Maybe I can better deal with anxiety if the depressions was under control.
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    Well said Salvator.

    Nothing wrong with acting when you factor in the importance of intention.

    Here's another one that you might of already seen?

    I feel there is a point to the intention message despite finding it hard to swallow the 'You created your own shitty seat' fingering that many people do. It's not quite that simple, yet the part about intention is.

    Does anyone struggle with that?

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    I may have both and yeah, for others, I'm nuts too.



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