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    Quote Originally Posted by martin05 View Post
    This happens so frequently. It's a real problem.

    Did you get a message saying admins had to approve your post? Did you try Ponder's advice? Any luck?

    Hello, by the way! What part of Germany are you from? I was in Berlin recently. Cool place.
    Yes, I think I got that message. This is why, at first, I thought that maybe my post wasn't approved for some reason ...
    I haven't tried Ponder's advice, but I will as soon as I have some time to spare!
    I am from the South of Germany, from a medium-sized city (according to German standards). It's not as "cool" as Berlin of course, but it is still a nice, homey place with its roots in the middle ages.
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    Same for me. Tried posting using different browsers, didn't work. Also thought that maybe my post did get approved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gespenst View Post
    I tried to post quite a long text in the "Welcome"-Category in order to introduce myself some time ago, too, and it didn't work.
    I am from Germany and have been suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder for practically decades ... I am 36, female, married with three kids.
    Hey and welcome

    I think itís pretty safe to post everything in ďGeneral DiscussionĒ at the moment because the forum is so inactive.

    Iím 44, female, with one teenage kid. Iíve suffered from GAD for decades as well. Itís the pits but it could be worse..

    All the best,
    Gypsy x
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    That holy feeling
    And if we don't stay lit we'll blow out
    Blow out

    óP!nk, Beautiful Trauma

    https://gypsylee.simdif.com (anxiety and stuff)



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