FOR THOSE 'still wishing' Coming off Medication! - Just follow the tips in the video! You won't know till you try! Just Do It!!!
No need to mention alternatives because those who wish to come off medication will take the steps to find another way before they begin. But for anyone still on their medications wondering on how where to begin ... then listen to the following guide carefully. I employed the following tips to successfully come off psychotropics as well as antidepressants without any trouble at all. No need to stay hooked. Take back control of your life. If you want to do it ... then do it!

Contrary to the horror stories ... I came off my dangerous medications using the following methods without the support of a doctor. In fact he was VERY UNsupportive and negative about me coming of my meds. Best thing I ever did was take back control of me life!

DISCLAIMER Note* I knew to research the drugs I was coming off and then meticulously use GOOGLE to fine-tooth-comb information from other peoples experiences related to my the drugs I was coming off!. Then end result is pretty much summed up in this vid. *Do not settle for a doctors opinion if it clashes to your wishes in coming off said drugs. Alas the one I saw is not representative of the doctors you may see (I am bias as I HATE doctors point blank) ... I'm just saying YOU DON'T NEED TO GET A DOCTORS APPROVAL and in fact you can get better information off the internet 9 times out to 10! (again just my opinion) Fact is there are loads of people comming off medications without seeing a doctor. The information is available on the net. You need only the smarts and desire to come off. But if your still having anxiety over this ... then you should probably stay on your meds.

Seriously ... if you want to come off your meds ... then your the only one that can help yourself ... here are some tips!
Yes ... it is recommended you see one of those white coated freaks that put you on them in the first place. I distaste for clinical process can go a long way to helping you come off your meds. That's an extra tip from me! You can have it for free ... just be sure to present your welfare card on the way out the door.