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    Heart CT machines for people with anxiety

    does anyone know if there is a heart CT machine that doesnt require the patient to get so close to the machine?

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    Not that I'm aware of, but you could call the facility where you're going to be tested and ask to speak to a technician. They are used to treating patients w/ anxiety disorders, they're so common, and obviously have solutions e.g. open MRI, but not sure if there's an alternative CT machine. Can't hurt to ask.

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    At our hospital where CT scans and MRIs are done, a patient can ask the referring physician to indicate that the patient needs a low dose of Ativan. I have just taken my brother through 3 scans and a biopsy and he is very high anxiety and the Ativan simply made it all possible . . . the technicians were extremely accommodating . . . the only "issue" my brother had was being unfamiliar with the different sounds that the machine makes . . . I agree with Fashoom . . . just ask but also discuss your anxiety with your referring physician . . . let us know how it works out when you can . . .take care, kc



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