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    Cool Dealing with Anxiety

    I have had some success with written expressions of what is stressing me....ripped up the paper, screamed out without worrying about anyone hearing me....thrown them away a piece at a time....I keep a daily log and calendar, too...it helps me keep track and gives the dr a good....well, geez, I just forgot! Next....move on...no problem, Mon.

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    I don't have any medications but I'm afraid of taking any. I'm afraid it will get worse so I totally understand that fear.

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    A few sessions of psychotherapy combined with medication are very effective in treatment for depression and anxiety. Besides, talk to your doctor about transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). It is a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression. Meditation has many benefits, relief for stress and anxiety being among them.

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    I know how you feel, Baron. I'm also scared of taking medications. I hope some day I won't be.

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    If you feel you really need them and there is no other way ... then take them and you be the judge as to whether they are for you or not. Just as with anything you decide to try ... it's going to take time and your approach to what you decide will also affect the outcome. Be clear about what it is you wish to take them for and be careful where you source you information and advice from.

    What is your experience with medication and what other forms of aids have you tried. You are wise to be cautious of medication as for all their good they are just as dangerous when begging the question, miss diagnosis, self medicating via doctor hopping, basing decisions on individual online recommendations and of course the reliance factor that plagues the majority of the population being hooked on medications for basic social function in a system designed with revolving door specs. Of course saying it like this probably only makes the idea of meds a little more daunting ... I kind of hope it does. The medication route should never be taken lightly. I do think medications have their place, but not anything like the way typical adverts would profess or is commonly understood.

    So it is you should be real about what stops you have pulled out if you are really cautious about the cons of meds. Weigh up the pros and cons and go into it with a level head. Fearing fear is a sure recipe for failure what ever direction you take. Once again be very clear about what it is you really want. That way if you do decide to go the way of meds, you will at least of given yourself the best opportunity for them to work - Take on the advice and instruction from said professional ... but in the end you be the responsible one and be clear about what works and what does not.

    You can always change direction ... it's often required before working things out. The more complex the issue the more roads you will have to take.

    Best of luck with whatever route you take ... there is no such thing as a quick fix - despite the phrase selling well enough.
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