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    Increasing zoloft dose - will startup side effects re-appear?

    Hi all,
    started on 25mg Zoloft (slow start due to potential of short term increase in panic symptoms), it's been a week now. Slight increase in anxiety, but mostly nausea that lasts most of the day.
    I've tried taking on full stomach etc and it helps a little, but nausea is still there.
    If that's only going to last another week, then I can struggle through that.

    But my doc's plan is that I will up dose to 50mg very soon, and then 100mg after that.
    Will I get these startup symptoms all over again? If, so are they as bad?
    Or is the intial startup the worst bit, and then maybe milder side-effects each dose increase? That's what I'm hoping.


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    Hi and welcome

    I typed a reply and my finger hit something on the iPad and it disappeared!

    Anyway, I said it’s hard to say how you’ll react because brain chemistry is so individual and complex. I stay on SSRIs (Prozac) even if I feel ok, just to avoid that initial period. I don’t think the symptoms will be so bad with the increse in dosage but I really don’t know.

    Good luck!
    Gypsy x
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