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    Anxiety getting worse when stressed

    Is anyone else experiencing an increase in anxiety when getting stressed or being in an environment that puts your body under stress light loud noise or strong smells. I can literally feel an worsening of my symptoms when I`m at work and have to deal with the loud noise from our compressor kicking in. My concentration is getting worse then and combined with the bright fluorescent ceiling lights my anxiety is going into overdrive. But then there are other days when I can handle it all so I assume this is just a reaction to my general anxiety. I get as well in a real bad shape when having an argument or getting upset about something. Is that a common symptom of anxiety too?

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    Hi MattS...If I'm really stressed out and not myself, loud noises and arguments really get my anxiety going. So I would definitely say these things are common for anxiety suffers...you are not alone.

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    Hi Matt

    Yeah that’s completely normal for anxious types. I pretty much live wearing sunglasses because everything feels too bright for me. Arguments are very stimulating too, so I feel really overwhelmed and anxious if I fight with anyone.

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