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    I feel so isolated from everyone.
    Do you also feel isolated in other areas of your life? Perhaps it's not as important for you to have friends at school (at first), and instead create some sort of connections, even if it's outside of school.

    How are your relationships with your family?

    Maybe consider community service or some other way to get out interacting with people.

    I say this because the kids who socialize best in high school are able to do that because they're socially connected in other areas of their lives first.

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    Hey friend, high school could be tough. No one realizes whats going on in your mind or that you feel scared so they could mistake it with laziness. When i was in highschool i always took the time out of my day to talk to the kid in the corner. I hope sometime soon someone can make you feel comfortable to talk to them. Just remember if you act like yourself and they don't want to be your friend... they weren't your friend in the first place. But once you open up and embarrass yourself you aren't truly trying. I love to embarrass myself bc that means I was my true RAW self. If someone wants to laugh at me that means i made them smile if someone wants to judge me and make fun of me that means they're not my friend. Be yourself and someone will notice how fun and smart you are.

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    Could be social anxiety, i have it and its hard, i dont have any advice since i have it as long as i can remeber, i made 2 friends, i was lucky my school was new and people were inviting so i made 2 friends, which are enough. But only talked to them, not to anyone else. The only advice i have, get a hobby for school to get trough, maybe drawing, or anything else allowed, thats how i got arround my school days.
    Stay strong there's nothing wrong.



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