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Thread: effexor

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    Hi I am new to this site and am trying to find out others experience with Effexor. Everything I've read on line is horrible and due to my anxiety, I'm afraid to try it. I'm currently on celexa for many years and have generalized anxiety. any info would be appreciated

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    Hi Lisa,

    Effexor is very similar to all the SSRIs (including Celexa). I switched to it because my brother did (apparently it has less sexual side effects) and didn't notice much difference. It is one of the hardest to come off though.

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    Effexor is a hard one to come off of. You have to go slowly. Why do you want to change from Celexa? Do you feel the Effexor will give you more help? It could because the chemical structure of it is a little different from the SSRI's. Has your doctor discussed increasing the Celexa if you need more help?



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