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    Need some help please!

    Hello everyone,

    I have battled so many different "symptoms" of anxiety for over 5 years now. It really comes and goes and over this 5 year period I have learned to move on and try to ignore my symptoms with success. Since Saturday morning, I have been having this feeling of my heart beat sort of feeling off or coming out of my chest. Doesnt hurt at all, but Im ultra aware of it when it happens and I start to worry each time I feel it. Does this sound like an anxiety thing ?

    Thinking back, yesterday afternoon we had a family lunch and for over 2 hours i didnt feel it all .. but I wasnt paying attention to it either .. just later on in the night when I was feeling the weird sensation i thought back and realized it wasnt there earlier in the day.

    Can anyone relate ??

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    hi Crosbie, it does sound like it could be something anxiety related. I only say that because I have experienced the same sort of symptoms in the past especially when I've been ruminating. When we focus on things we start to worry more, which in turn makes the feeling even stronger. What do you do when it starts happening?
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    just found this: at the top of General Discussion is a list of anxiety symptoms - check if it matches the 'chest' descriptions - its called 1200-Anxiety-Symptoms-The-List

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    Hey Crosbie,

    To me this sounds just like what I deal with when my anxiety. It feels like im having a heart attack and it scares the crap out of me. If i start to do something else like read or type on the computer it goes away but, if im just sitting there sometimes comes and hits me out of no where. it scare me sometimes so much that I start to freak myself out that i am for real having a heart attack but, Ive found that breathing and an app calling Calm helps out alot.



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