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    Tingling/cold feeling in tongue, anyone else get it?

    I'm new here (just signed up).. Anyhow I need some advice. My anxiety has been sort of at a high for a few weeks for no apparent reason, I have been having a buzzing / cold annoying feeling in my tongue that I can't get to go away. I'm trying to avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER only to be told "Yup you got anxiety, go home" - Does anyone else get this exact symptom? If so, how do you get it to go away?

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    Our faces, mouths, and fingers are some of the most exquisitely sensitive parts of our bodies, and with all those nerves it's actually very common for sensations of anxiety to manifest there. (I think there is even a list somewhere on this site that includes those in a list of typical anxiety symptoms). I haven't had quite the same feeling but similar: when I'm anxious, I often feel a cold pressure or a tingling sensation in the center of my forehead. At first I naturally assumed it was the big C because that's just how my anxiety rolls, but after several years I've come to think of it as my body's "early warning sign" that I am feeling anxious. (By concentrating solely on this sensation while meditating, I've found that I can make it disappear). While it might not merit a trip to the ER, consider asking your primary care doctor about it! They probably have some good resources for anxiety and would not just send you home.

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    What pills do you take? Is not uncommon with medication. In fact it's not the uncommon at all. Don't go to the ER unless it's an emergency, otherwise they will just treat you like a goose. None the less if it persists I would go get it checked out. I had something like you describe once or twice ... eventually it went away. I put my tongue issue down to frayed nerves. Can be related to the nervous system. Googling in this case helped me. Thankfully I don't suffer with health anxiety. I got enough to stress about.

    Edit ... this one also looks good → Causes, Symptoms & Treatment.

    Welcome to the forum ... hope you get well soon.
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