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    Bathroom Anxiety

    So, I have anxiety over excusing myself to the bathroom as well as using the bathroom when others around. Example: If I'm hanging out with my boyfriend and I have to pee, it will take me awhile to just get up and walk away. I can't say that "I have to go to the bathroom." What if I go out or go in a trip with him? I can't speak up and say anything until I'm really desperate. Plus, I'm pee-shy. I can't go in public bathrooms when others are in there. I can't pee at my own house if my boyfriend is too close to the bathroom.

    What can I do to face this fear? Does anyone else struggle with this?

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    I guess you can go see a professional and receive a prescription for drugs to relax you? Is pretty much what everyone else does these days.

    OR - You could wait till you piss yourself and then you wont be so focused on what others think whilst in the future your aiming to stay dry the next time your looking for a place to take a leak.

    OR you could find a tree not so public and or take one in your back yard.

    Best I can think of for now.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    I also dislike people knowing my business in the toilet but only if its a 'number 2' . There's nothing embarrassing about having to say you are going toilet or using it in a public place. If you are worried about the noise, chuck some tissue down the toilet before you use it, no-one will hear a sound, and you may feel a lot more comfortable.

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    Start practicing to speak your mind and point out your needs in small steps. Build up by doing this every day. Having anxiety about our needs is normal but we should never forget that that we are all human. And every human has needs. Try to improve just 1% per day....thats a very pace and you can do it. 1% a day means that, with time, you have improved A LOT!

    Good luck!

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    You need a hypnotherapist to overcome your fear, search for a expert psychologist and have a few sittings with him and you feel better....do not take medicines try hypnosis

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    Amberrose, one way to cope with this issue is to realize that everyone else has to use the bathroom as well.

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    Have you tried CBD oil for your anxiety? It has helped me so much. I just put 7-8 drops under my tongue twice a day. I buy mine from happyonhemp.

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    Usually, when people have these fears that they admit to be irrational, the anxiety has another cause and is displaced on to this more "appropriate" situation. So I wonder what else may be causing you anxiety in your life. Any sort of issues with your most important relationships?

    It's worth considering...

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    Better to consult a an anxiety therapist.

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    Yeah. Professional will try to help you.



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