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    Red face This supplement turned me around!

    CBD Hemp Oil...
    Anyone ever used it? I never did until about a month ago.
    CBD is a completely legal Hemp oil that works wonders for pain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSDs, and more.
    (Yes its comes from the cannabis plant but does not get you high (No THC).

    I currently take Zoloft. It takes the edge off, a little, but does not fix the problem entirely. I discovered CBD oil last month.
    I tried it out, added it as a daily supplement alongside a small dose of zoloft, WOW, it has already changed my life! ...I had all the symptoms
    (depression, pain, sweating, stomach issues, anxiety), and now it feels like the symptoms were never there.
    I'm not trying to be a salesman for CBD...I'm here for the same reason as everyone else...To get some answers, share stories, and
    find treatments that work. Maybe its not for everyone. but give CBD oil a try. See if it works for you. It did for me.

    Link is in my profile. click on Home Page.

    - Dave
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    I need more people to talk about this stuff so I feel confident in using it I really want to

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    Hey Maleymo.
    Personally I was skeptical about CBD oil, before trying it. *But it really has helped my ailments. It is a natural supplement as well, so no worries on dangerous additives.
    If you google "CBD oil success stories", you will see a lot positive feedback. *There are some whom state it does not work - but everyone responds to things differently.
    Try it and to see if it works for you. It's not expensive, given all the benefits it offers.

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    This is timely for me. My daughter-in-law was a professional dancer, and has had huge knee problems, operations, and medications with no permanent relief. At her depressive lowest point weeks ago, she went into a shop and told the hemp seller her problem. She DID NOT want to feel any "high" from any cannabis. She started on CBD oil tincture, has been on it for weeks, and three days ago, she exclaimed she can now sit cross-legged for the first time in years, pick up her child without pain, and exercise on her cycle. It also helped her mood and sleep. I have been on AD's for YEARS, recently experiencing anxiety,nausea, and insomnia, and have been trying & juggling hydroxyzine, doxylamine, and diphenhydramine, plus small doses of lorazepam when it gets bad. Going to get cannabis card, and RX from my Dr. to try CBD oil.

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    I'm happy to see your reply! Best of luck with the CBD oil...

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    I haven't tried CBT oil but it has been recommended to me by some people, though I can hear it's a bit pricey. Just today, after visiting my therapist, I went into a local store with a lot of supplements and this guy who worked there said GABA helped anxiety so I bought a bottle of GABA that you can chew and I tried just one 500mg and in like 10 minutes I went from worrying that GABA had effects that could kill me (seems ridiculous now) to a state where I was wondering why I was even so worried, about everything. So I'm going to be trying this supplement for the next few days and see where it gets me.

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    there are alot of studies proving that GABA cant cross the blood brain barrier. So it actually cant make it into the brain to raise levels. That being said there are some people with a " leaky" blood brain barrier which it can pass some what. Everytime I have tried it personally I had severe panic attacks. The last time I tried it before bed I woke up with the worst panic attack I have ever had in my life. I did take it with 5htp and lithium oratate all at the same time, But was taking 5htp and lithium for 10 days before and didnt have any issues until the GABA

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    Interesting fun and really cool

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    Currently taking 3mg a day of CBD. I haven't done a lot of research to know if it's suppose to build in your system or provide instant effect. I think I might have to try a higher dosage but the price is really restrictive. A 3 oz bottle of 3mg at my local health store is around $80. I am trying the 1 oz bottle, dosage is 15 drops a day. I'll see how long it lasts me.


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    many people take CBD oil and they see the benefits of that especially with pain management. I am waiting when it is legal here, I will try it, It could be added to balms to treat muscle pain
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