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    Well said Twichard.

    Psychotherapy works for me. It's my medicine and works wonders. Several of my family now receive such help and are all benefiting from it. There's a system to the way it works which I base on mutuality. I don't settle for people I can't communicate with. I instead keep looking until I find someone that respects me and wants to help. That only works if you want to help yourself. As for GPs ... I am always changing those. Thankfully I find therapists much easier to work with. I only have to change those a few times early on and then bingo ... I am good for a few years running; usually until I move location. I then start the process again. Get a referral from a flaky GP to a more functional professional that suits my needs. Again ... I will not settle for complacent practices and will persist until I meet someone that I gel with. Then it's BINGO once more and again for a few more years I will work with that person - usually to find a reason to live and work towards living as well as one can.

    I don't think our currently society can afford to be without Psychotherapy Services ... but that's just my perspective. I know I would regress very fast without them.
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