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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsylee View Post
    Hi guys

    BB, I wouldn't want to read this one (as opposed to listening) because it's not exactly exciting, but it has some very useful info about the brain and anxiety. It's mostly about the two different areas of the brain where anxiety originates - the amygdala and the cortex - and how to change those parts. But yeah, I can only handle listening to a chapter or so at a time because *yawn* lol. If you get bad anxiety and don't know that stuff (which I didn't!) it's kind of Anxiety 101 though. I actually find audiobooks good in themselves for anxiety, and a couple of times lately I've listened to this and it's helped calm me down.

    Ponder, cool.. I never did get Biocentrism. That Russell Brand book has so many references to different authors and books that I ended up with something else. I love Russell but I find his writing a bit annoying. That book (Revolution) is worth getting though, for all the connections and knowledge he has about "new age" stuff.
    I did exactly the same thing. I bought this as an audio book on audible. Listened to it at work. It's very reassuring and makes me feel less anxious because it explains scientifically what's happening to me. It's great x

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    That's good, Jon Yeah it's a good scientific book.. Anxiety 101 like I say.

    Actually, in my sick state an audiobook might be just the ticket..
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