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    Anxiety after gym

    I have problem with anxiety but not constantly.
    After gym training on the second day my anxiety is the strongest.
    I fill constantly anxiety and irritability, I have problems with interpersonal contacts. I fill like I am waiting for something bed, I fill insecure and have problems with memory.
    I tried go to gym 3 times a week but I had to stop because
    i felt so anxious that I cannot manage with it.
    I could not focus on work.
    My doctor gave to me escitalopram 15 mg per day.
    Without training everything is stable but when I am trying training my anxiety and everything that goes with it going up.
    I do not know what is wrong. I do not understand it.
    I love training . Can you help me? What kind of drag use for it ?

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    Hi darkstar,

    I doubt there's a miracle drug to cure you, all the drugs do is mask the symptoms of what you're experiencing. Have you considered therapy like CBT for the situations that are making you anxious? It has helped me at least recognize all my triggers, working through them in a calming way is the trick. Do you know what about the gym is making you anxious?


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    It could be your body is getting worked up while working out and perhaps the thought of other people in the gym? Besides some cbt therapy and medication listening to music can help distract you while working out.

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    That sounds really tough.

    I wish I had more helpful advice - I have the opposite effect. The gym does wonders for me - after an intense session I have physical 'glow' across my body which will last for the rest of the day. There were a few years that I didn't go to the gym, but since starting back up it has been such a positive influence on my life.

    Have you considered switching up routines so that you can do something that tires you out more? (If you're exhausted and your body is filled with endorphins you don't have time to be anxious). Alternatively a few sessions with a trainer might be great to change your mindset and help you focus on the workout, and not stress yourself out about it?

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    How long were you exercising? And how intensely?

    Physical exertion is one of my biggest triggers. But I was told by my doctor to work out every day for the anxiety. He literally said, "every day. Seriously. Every day. Move." So now, great, I HAVE to do it.

    I'm trying to ramp up to 20 minutes a day. Some days it's ok. Some days in the past I've wanted to scream and call 911.

    I've been taking advantage of the feel good chemicals that happen when you do work out. I start up slowly and work my way up to higher intensity. It sorta works. After about 10-20 minutes you can feel a little bit of the endorphin rush and it gets easier, kinda.

    It's the biggest joke in the universe that in order for me to get better I need to work out, but working out causes so much of my anxiety

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    I struggle with attending the GYM but the realization of all the good it does me outweighs the fear of going. As already said you need to identify why your conflicts as it "relates" to the GYM. (it's not the gym)

    Mine is being around others. Not so much the others. If not others then it's what's going on inside of me. No doubt a sense of doubt about myself. At first my mind was racing so the only way for me to deal with that was to focus on the equipment and do what I knew needed doing. Motion was the key for me. It always is.

    So no longer on display I am now moving ... then next issues that comes is treadmill rage. It can happen when doing any activity. This too already mentioned. A detoxing process of the body that affects the mind.

    So that's two things already identified that has nothing to do with the gym but more an issues with me. One thing is a conflict in my head that tells me I am worthless and the second is more a negative emotional reaction that takes hold in the form of purging.

    There may be more things taking place ... but these two were the most basic elements getting in my way. Still do ... it's just how our minds and bodies work. Realization is key.

    The best way I overcome these things is to only go to the gym when my mind is strong. When I know what it is that I want. (rather than listening to the chatter within) Going if I don't want to go is just setting myself up ... self sabotage. I'm no good I'm just going to quit! There fuck you!!! Much easier not to go. Alas ... I know just how well exercise is for my medicine routine. I can't medicate for what I got ... it don't work. SO ... fuck it ... I know what works ... fuck what others think. Hmmm ... have to be careful with that approach but hey ... whatever works.

    It's not the GYM or the People ... it's just me. So after identifying the triggers (and others will and do pop up ... is how our minds work) I once again decide what I really want and work towards that.

    The gym is as much a mental exercise that starts at home before you leave. Consider the intent you place in your head before walking out the door. For me its akin to stretching. The weather outside is shit and I really don't feel like going to the gym for having made this post and my mind now telling me all kinds of shit. BUT - I will counter by hitting the treadmill and this time taking buds to help ease the pain inside my head. I know what a sweating session can feel like after a good run.

    In fact ... fuck it ... I'm just going to deal with, grab a towel and head off now.

    It's not the Gym or the People ... it't the way we think.

    What do I / You want? ← That's how I deal with it.

    I know it helps so much that I came up with ways to circumnavigate things like people hogging equipment, busy times, loud music, down to misplaced weights and so on. My mind never truly stops but now having tasted the nectar and identify the triggers and what I want ... I use the GYM and any form of motion that I know helps as an antidote to what would otherwise be bane to me ... because I try not to sit still long enough to allow my mind to affect me so negatively. Alas ... there comes a time that sitting still is a practice in itself but I leave that for another wall of text. That's where walking helps. Same process that goes on at the gym still takes place in my head ... Just know it all takes place in our heads and is not the place or others fault.

    Here I think I link this once more (as definitely relates!) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s-t5sR4OJE Listen for the part in this 2 & 1/2 minute vid were he says "even Places" Yep ... that's us when thinking of the gym.

    Once more:

    What do I / You want? ← That's how I deal with it.

    It get's easier ... even the purging. After a while you'll start to enjoy it. Just don't use it like a drug - although for me is more effective than medicine. Each to their own.
    Understand that discomfort in all it's form it merely part of the process.

    Good luck ... hope you find a coping strategy that leads to the doing and the benefits.

    I'm off to the gym for a little discomfort and reward
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    Great thoughts Ponder, thanks for sharing.

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    Thank You for responding.
    I think that i figured out what causing my anxiety.
    In my opinion cortisol is my problem.
    I am trying to train 3 times at week for about 1 hour.
    After gym cortisol always is increased.
    When i drink caffe i fill anxious too. Caffeine increases cortisol too.

    So i started to thinking how to reduce cortisol ofcourse naturally.
    I returned to gym.
    After two hours after gym i felt so anxious.
    I taked 500mg ashuaganda, 4000 j.m. vitamin d and 100mg alphaserine.
    In my opinion the most effective on me to reduce cortisol is alphaserine.
    After that i felt so calm.

    Now i take 4000 j.m vitamin d in the morning , and alphaserine i am using only when i can't control my anxiety.
    In the evening i am taking valerian and marshmallow root.
    I think that combination is helping me.

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    darkstar, I definitely notice the cortisol too. Getting up to go do something, or waking up suddenly and you feel the rush and then:
    heart racing
    feeling weak

    I get that when I even think about working out

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    Sorry to hear your having a rough time bro. and i am glad you have found some solutions. Have you tried added Omega 3 to your diet? a lot of research indicates it can help reduce anxiety massively!



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