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    You're welcome. I hope things improve for you. I've also been sleep deprived and it does make life (feel) gross. A good nights sleep would do me wonders right now because I can't possibly function well enough on only 4 hours a night. Lately that's been about it because I get myself so wound up before bed every night and the nightmares make sleep everything but refreshing.

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    do something go out and and be friends with good people where it can help you out of your problem .

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    i hope that someday someone's gonna be there for me in good or bad days and keep moving on and chin up.

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    Can you believe I've (supposedly) not hit rock bottom?!

    All the proper records to prove both physical and mental illnesses, yet somehow, I'm ineligible for services because I'm considered "functioning". Not Hardly!!

    I"ve (truly) got nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

    Truth is.. if you can crawl your way out of the hospital, you're not viewed as sick enough.

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    Maybe that answers my own question.

    I don't like being viewed as sick and I like to be vied as functioning. Because of this, I find myself in this revolving door. Spent many countless years trying to prove I'm not [edit] unwell all the while thwarting my own care. Either way I lose!
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    Life has proven, rather than count on/hope for other people to be there for good times and bad, can only truly rely upon yourself when the going gets rough. Actually, it is during those times that you get to see peoples true colors. Especially your own family. That being said.. I don't long for a family I never had to begin with so I consider that having 1 less burden on my shoulders. "friends" only took from me and never gave back in return. Don't need once sided friendship right now.

    Thank you though, nathalia. When I hear "Chin UP", it reminds me that I'm doing just the opposite (walking with my head down). Should consciously change this even if faking it so to speak.
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    I'll use that phrase from time to time, but will refrain from using it in here form this point on.

    I feel the same way when it comes to trust. Sometimes though, people benifit when others show them trust. However it's a fine line once you've been bitten a few times.

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    Thank you.

    Should've really just created a new thread. May still another time. Just been rough lately I think.

    Take care.



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