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    males and anxiety....

    Hello all! I am suprised at the number of males on this board with anxiety disorders....every other board or articles that I have read, majority is females...either way, I hope we can help each other...
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    That's an interesting observation. I have found that women are far more willing to talk about their fears one on one than men. Perhaps men prefer to open up in a more private way with people they don't know. Don't know why it should be specific to this forum though.

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    i have found this to be the case as well... recently i started a youtube channel about my anxiety and the other channels out there are predominantly women... i think this may be the social conditioning that guys are supposed to be TOUGH and have it ALL TOGETHER...

    for me it was tough to talk about because it was seen as a weakness in business and in life in general... now i have found it to be one of my strengths in helping others :-)

    here is a video i made about my "not so manly anxiety downfall"

    im working on making this like a community for men to talk about thier anxiety as well as women... but i agree men are often left out of this circle... unfortunate
    if you like my comments you can check out my little videos on anxiety and sobriety here:
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    ps: although i like to answer people and help them with anxiety... i am not even close to having it "all figured out" i'm just one out of 8 billion people navigating life to the best of my abilities... and i found some things that work for me :-) hope it helps you too.



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