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    Doctors CAN'T Take You All the Way!

    If we define “Cure” as going form panic disorder to no more disorder. That is all we are talking about here and no need to obsess over this term like some of you do.

    Anxiety here is defined as frequent panic attacks and severely debilitated life where major anxiety symptoms are triggered at the slightest thing.

    But let's think about what that means going to a doctor to help get a cure for anxiety.

    First, seeing the doctor:
    When one has anxiety symptoms it is good to go see a doctor and get all checked out to make certain what one has is indeed an anxiety disorder and not something else. This makes sense I think to most people. But what do you do once you have been told, “Hey buddy, you are fine, you just have anxiety. I can prescribe for you some Klonopins or Xanax. Just go take a meditation class or something. Good luck!”

    And the doctor storms out of the room in which you inevitably feel more terrible and go home obsessing how the doctor must have missed something since you are convinced you absolutely have something wrong other than anxiety.

    I have explained this in other threads, anxiety is not ONLY in your head, as there is a nervous system and brain component, maybe even hormonal and other physical factors, yet many of this seems to not be measurable by typical medical tests.

    If you ever are told anything like this, "You got anxiety, here's Xanax now I gotta go!" be happy and toast to it! This is the exact diagnose you want to hear!

    So what do you do after this if this happens to you?

    You have 2 choices:

    1) Don't believe him and take more tests. (Yes this is what I did and I assume most of you will do this as well.)

    2) Believe the doctor and if so, at this point accept this one single irrefutable fact, THE DOCTOR CAN’T CURE YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN CURE YOU!

    It is like asking the doctor to cure you of a broken heart from getting dumped! It doesn’t really make any sense. You have to simply find your own way out of that in which of course, everyone who wants to, does.

    There is a somewhat of a clear path from severe anxiety to normal, but it has to be initiated by you and you need to depend on yourself.

    Do not accept or believe anyone here or anywhere or anyone anywhere when they try and tell you it can only be maintained and nothing can be done. Yes, nothing can be done if you expect a doctor or some miracle cure to do it for you! But if you do all the steps that need to be done, you will get there. Imagine saying there is no cure for the person that broke your heart that dumped you, because the doctor's medication didn't help you get over him or her. That is ridiculous by anyone's standards. Obviously the person must get over it on their own.

    Again, we rae talking about a disorder, not just stupid little fears that everyone has that do not debilitate yourself. There is a clear distinction between having anxiety about rock climbing or sky diving and an actual disorder where you can’t leave the house!


    I never answer this question for 2 reasons:

    1) That is up to each individual to make that choice

    2) It is a moot point because drugs or no drugs, if your disorder is simply anxiety, the drugs, even if they help, do not offer a cure, so you are still left with that dilemma of how to get rid of the nasty disorder once and for all anyway!

    So some of you will take them and some of you will not, that is your choice, but the various work by you that must still be done must still be done/

    So where to start if you are totally lost?

    What I did was I searched online for various remedies and things people did that they claimed made them better and I did almost all of them, if they made sense. Then I did my best to see what worked and what didn’t work but to be honest, I did so much it got hard to tell. For me, Buteyko breathing and learning to breathe less and calmer was a very big help for me. I took certain herbs, did yoga, ate healthy, meditated, did acupuncture, some alpha wave thing, vitamin D3, magnesium, avoided all stimulants, read a lot, etc.

    I listed these things above in my Techniques thread in the stickies, which was meant for you to read and see what one person did. Doesn't mean you have to follow it exactly. You can also get a consensus of what other people did and form your own. Obviously, this is not rocket science, you use the internet and any other source to see what is out there, and as long as it is safe, you go for it.

    My thread in the stickies of Quick Guide to Stopping Panic Attacks is so unbelievably simple, everyone should at least try it once at the first sign of the panic feelings.

    Arm yourself, because many people will try and stop you from suggesting you can get better. MISERY LOVES COMPANY and don’t you forget it! They do not want to cure themselves and they surely do not want you to be better. They would rather be dependent on doctors who have no cure anyway, then go out there and take their lives into their own hands. They create a scenario like, “Hey we are all miserable, let’s have a pity party” instead of here is what needs to be done to get better.

    Your anxiety disorder can be overcome and you can live a normal life again! You just have to be willing to take some time to do the work and slowly little by little get there. You will not get there, without doing the work!

    Good luck!

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    I believe we need to take an active involvement when trying to overcome any health issue, whether mental or physical.

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    Much of what you saying there Panic makes a lot of sense to me. I sympathize with the frustration that comes from wishing well of others whom are less passionate for those desired changes we have managed for ourselves. What seems simple for us can in fact be rather complex for others. It's easy to forget where we ourselves came from when making claims of how others should walk the road ahead. You make an excellent point re the path to ones recovery requiring personal input/work.

    Well said.
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    I have to agree with you. I have been suffering for a while with GAD and I have been starting to feel better since I started to make the changes needed. A lot of people have overcame anxiety and they did their homework to do it. I'll make a thread with the supplements that have helped me continue with my life. Everyone can do it, you just have to believe that you can do it. God bless you.
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    Your life isn't going to magically change to the ideal just from taking a pill that adjusts your mood a bit. Usually people depend on having a sense of purpose and other external things for happiness. If your life is crap and you have no goals or motivation it makes sense that you wouldn't feel good. In the book The Undefeated Mind by Alex Lickerman he talks about how he helped people overcome severe anxiety. One guy just needed a new purpose and didn't take any meds at all.

    Obviously it's a complex issue and we are obligated to say you might need meds so consult your doctor, but i really think, at least in my case, anxious feelings could all be traced back to uncomfortable things I never processed, which interrupted my ability to regulate emotions and face fears. I'm really surprised when people place all their hope in feeling happy in medication. They are depending on something external to feel good because they've built a hard shell of negativity around the positivity that is innately present.

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    There was the time I met 2 doctors with 2 opposite opinions and treatments so I don't know who I should listen to..



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