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    Thinking about ridding me my shyness through Youtube

    I've always been a shy, introverted person with huge social anxiety. One of the things I hate the most is seeing myself on video and hearing my voice playing back to me. It's painful beyond belief.

    I now have an idea. Maybe I should start a Youtube video series called something like "My journey from introvert to extrovert" and force myself to make videos filming myself talking to the camera. It would be really painful to do, not to mention publishing it for everyone to see and comment on. But if I just force myself to do it, say, once a week, I would probably be getting better at it. Maybe after a year I would be like one of those extroverted guys you see all over Youtube "Hi guys!!! Today I'm gonna talk about...".

    What do you guys think, would this be a good method of therapy?
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    I say go for it. Postitives: you would get used to seeing/hearing yourself. Negatives: You may over criticize yourself.

    I've been a drummer for over 20 years. I still hate to watch myself on video. I completely pick out everything I 'think' I'm doing wrong/silly looking. While on multiple occasions, I've been told by people watching, that they just watched me the whole time and went on and on about how cool this or that was... but I still focus on what I think I should improve on.

    Another thing that comes to mind; introverts are shy around people... so it's the interaction that gives the definition.

    So while filming yourself everyday could be a good thing, my opinion is that you mix that with social settings with people in person. Whatever that may look like for you. And just be yourself.

    Also, turn off the comments for your vids. A lot of people build themselves up by tearing down others in those comments. I've seen multiple times where someone will 'dislike' or make a negative comment just cause there 'were no dislikes'. Idiots.

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    Hi Spider!

    Lucky u found mye cuz im kinda a "youtuber", i say kinda cuz i got less than 100 subs.
    And you should definely try it, i think bc of Youtube my problems got better.
    I hate it too hearing or seing myself in video when other people watch it.
    Some of my class mates watches my videos an since they dont make negative coments i got a little
    confortable in class but that took me 5 months and to actually get over with other people
    watching my videos while im there took me 1 and a few months so it will take time, but it doesnt
    do miracle, i still have a lot of anxiety issues but well i always thought youtube would help.
    And after a few months you will be "extroverted" but only bc youre talking to a camera and the screen "protects"
    you from the posible direct criticism, if you know what i mean. So yeah u should definely try it

    Stay strong there's nothing wrong.

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    Hi Spider,
    From time to time I link the odd video and then have deleted them later. The only way to know if your going to benefit from doing doing them is to try it for yourself. I find it's a great way to keep keep things real. I would only get 4 to 15 views on some of my more intimate presentations, but have then have had a few thousand - when I did a review on a piece of camping equipment ← I've actually deleted that one as well. I think it was due to the negative comments. I don't do so well with those.

    I've been thinking of doing another video. Making a presentation on a topic if only to make a new goal.

    Just experiment and see what you think. I find I still benefit from the experience regardless of deleting the afterwards.
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    It's a great Idea. You can improve speaking and body language with this and also practice not letting annoying comments bother you.



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