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    Thumbs down I'm new here: Hi!

    Maybe an overly-positive way to introduce myself to a group of individuals who are dealing with serious mental issues. I'm dealing with it too, so I think that makes it okay. I'm here because I feel as if my will to do anything but wallow has fallen away. I have no motivation. I developed serious anxiety issues, similar to OCD, about two years ago and instead of getting better it just keeps getting worse. It's germ related fears, so using a public restroom is an exhausting experience. Walking down the street is exhausting. I feel heavy, like I can't breathe? I don't mean to sound melodramatic, I want to say I'll be fine, this will blow over. But I'm not sure it will? I keep panicking about how I might have to deal with this for the rest of my life. What are some coping techniques you all have gained? I haven't been able to breathe easy in months and I just need a reprieve.
    Much love.

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    Well, I think the first thing to do is stop panicking and thinking it will last forever! It won't.

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    Welcome to the forum ... Nice to meet you. More members joining every day. WooHoo.

    You got any hobbies you like to do when not stressing out like so?

    I like to run around the block then come in here and write.

    Nice profile ... what kind of guitar do you play?
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    I don't have SERIOUS issues.... no, nothing like that, just debilitating worry and so on which sometimes gets in my way. And as I get older, the annoying feeling that I could have accomplished so much more if self-doubt and anxiety-triggered paralysis didn't get in the way.

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    Welcome ot the forum. I would try to keep your mind occupied with constructive things such as hobbies, work, things you enjoy, etc.
    These feelings will eventually pass.



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