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    I applaud anyone who gets off alcohol and stays off alcohol. If you can't drink it in moderation (some can, some can't), it's best to stay away completely.

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    Drinking in moderation is fine but depending on alcohol to socialize just reinforces a negative belief that you aren't good enough without it. Try to talk to people sober and enough conversations in the moment will get you high anyway.

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    When I was first diagnosed with GAD and Panic Disorder, my family doc was an old school (78 year old) woman who at different times in her life had been an Army doctor, a nun, a pediatric doctor, and a bunch of other things. She asked me if I drank at all. I said "of course!" She said when / if the attacks get really bad, have a beer or two. In my experience, that works very well.

    You have to be extremely careful going that route as it would be extremely easy to become an alcoholic that way. You have to understand that alcohol isn't a treatment for the condition. It's more like taking Tylenol for a headache brought on by a stiff neck. It doesn't actually treat anything, it just gives you a little bit of time to recompose yourself. I took that warning to heart and even today I will have one or two if an attack is bad and I'm in a position where it's acceptable (i.e. at home with no where I need to be). But I will never have more than that, nor will I respond that way to consecutive attacks.

    I'm certain most younger doctors will tell you no way, and they are probably right. I would hypocritically advise you not to use alcohol to "treat" an attack. The potential damage if you can't handle it correctly FAR exceeds the benefit.



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