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    Unhappy Question from a scared newbie

    Hi there,
    4 days ago i had an "attack". I was under a lot of stress for work and fighting with my husband. In the middle of an intense argument, I hyperventilated and had sharp tingling around my mouth and hands (had it once before) but this time, I also lost control of the right side of my mouth for 30 secs and couldn't speak. after couple min the attack passed however i was left with a numbness feeling on the right side of my face.

    Today 4 days after, I still feel that my face is a bit off and when i speak, i feel like i am not moving the right side of my mouth properly and spoke at times a bit funny.
    i went to the hospital and had a CT scan and MRI/ MRA of my brain and all was fine and i am waiting to see a neurologist.

    I don't know whether I had what one would call "panic attack" or whether I had some neurological disease. I would assume it was a panic attack as I was in the middle of an fight. But is this normal though to still have this numbness 4 days after? when it does go away. It cant be permanent can it? I have never been this scared in my life. Any insight would be helpful. thank you

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    Hi there,

    I really can't answer your question, just wanted to welcome you to the forum
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    This sounds like a panic attack, but in all honesty I have never experienced symptoms for days after one. You should definitely check in with a doctor to be safe. If you have any underlying health conditions, stress and panic as you experienced can make things worse.
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