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    Exclamation Am I crazy?! Are the doctors right that I'm ok?! Struggling!

    I'm new to this forum. Quick back story on myself. I'm 31 years old. Wife and mom to three kids. Around 4 years ago I had my first panic attack. It came completly out of the blue. I was ok one min then heart racing and thought I was dying the next! Since that first episode I've struggled throughout the years with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

    A few weeks ago I was having heart palpations around once a day where I would feel like my heart skipped a beat and it would make me cough kinda like it took my breath away. I've experienced this before with stress and it went away so just ignored it.

    I was ok for around a week without palpations.

    So a week ago I started having some pain around my left breast, first didn't think anything of it as I just thought I pulled a muscle. Well as the day went on I started getting pain in the center of my chest, then to my left arm, and down to my leg. My chest felt tight, heavy, pressure. At times I even felt pain to the center of my back.

    Of course everyone was telling me it's your anxiety you're ok. I tried to go with that and made a doctor appt with my primary. My symptoms intensified and I ended up going to the ER. They did an ekg, blood, and chest X-ray and all came back clear.

    I followed up with my primary who says it's just a severe panic attack. I saw my therapist who agrees.

    I can't help but doubt the test results because here I am a week later and I'm still very out of breath with low physical activity such as walking to the bathroom and my heart begins to race. I still have chest and arm pain. The leg pain is occasional. Another very alarming symptom is I've developed a cough. I'm not sick. I have this urge to cough when talking, like I can feel when I get out of breath and my stomach/chest tightens and I cough.

    I'm very worried I'm having heart attack symptoms and the doctors are wrong!

    My psychologist put me on .25 mg of Zoloft. Now I'm here with an upset stomach and burning/cooling sensations on top of all my other symptoms.

    Oh yeah and I have a small half marble sized bump on my left calf. The ER said my blood work showed no clots.

    I just don't know what to think. Are my symptoms going to subside? Are my doctors right? Apparently women under age 55 are highly misdiagnosed with heart disease. It doesn't help that I google everything!

    My primary scheduled me for an echo but it's three weeks away!

    Please help!

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    You are probably fine. I have had panic attacks where I thought it is all over. keep posting here and others will suggest more and better ways than I can to get your life back.



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