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    Starting university tomorrow - Don't want anxiety stopping me from making friends


    So i'm starting tomorrow and one of my biggest anxieties is making friends. I've always been shy, anxious and have had trouble making friends in the past and have been bullied. How do I make friends this time without these things getting in the way? Anxiety often seems to stop me from doing things as it is

    Thank you

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    Hi Kio, we had no pleasure of meeting. I think university is completely different than secondary school. People are more mature, they have different things on their mind than bully someone. Of course jerks will be everywhere, but you just avoid them. I am sure you will find a lot of friends You may meet someone who has the same trouble of making new friends. You will be fine. Congratulation on starting University. May I ask what kind of studies you chose?
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    You will see that once you start school, you will begin to make friends through common interests, parties you may attend,
    school events or clubs, school work, etc. Once you get in the swing of things, you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and
    less anxious. Let us know how you are making out and by all means be positive as you are young and have your whole life
    ahead of you to enjoy.

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    So are you making friends? I think you just have to stop caring what people think about you and and enjoy the moment. Of course that takes some practice if you have a built up habit of social anxiety, but it is possible. Go socialize and talk to as many people as possible. Slowly your brain will change to more extroverted chemistry.



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