I'm trying to write a novel, so I watch a lot of advice videos online from published authors. I used to find these relaxing but in the last few months they've been increasing my anxiety, and breathing gets harder when I listen to writing advice or hear other people talking about their published book.

I also am terrified of certain people (like my parents) finding out that I'm writing a book. I'm 28 and live on my own and work fulltime, but my parents live only half an hour away and treat me like a delinquent with special needs. I will always be paranoid about them invading my privacy and sabotaging any projects I'm working on. I accepted the fact long ago that they will always view me as mentally retarded no matter what I do or accomplish, but I wish I could get rid of my fear of what these two people will do with that view of me in their minds. Of course if they find out about the first problem I mentioned, with the advice videos, that will be all the reason they need to come speeding back in and take over every inch of my personal and private life.

Doe anyone else have one or both of these problems?