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    New to this - need help

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding anxiety attacks & the like.

    I'm not an anxious person at all. I'n fact I'd say that I manage stress very well. I'm a 'type A' personality so I never let responsibilities stack up on me and I stay quite neat and tidy. I am extroverted and thrive in social situations and public speaking opportunities (especially new situations). That said, based on what I've read online it would seem as though I'm experiencing anxiety attacks. For those who have the time I'd like to share my story and see if anyone can help...

    This all started about a year ago (July, 2015). I simply woke up and had a bagel with cream cheese. Suddenly I got very dizzy. I rushed to the bathroom and proceeded to vomit and have diarrhea for a 2-3 hour period. I thought it was food poisoning and chalked it up to that. Then, in December I was staying at my girlfriend's house. I had jut had a smoothie when, again, I got extremely dizzy and went through the same series of experiences. The next day I went through it all again. I went to the doctor and explained my symptoms. He mentioned that it might have something to do with stress or diet. I am in a doctoral program and it was a particularly stressful semester. I had been drinking a lot of coffee and it was messing with my sleeping patterns. He advised that I keep a food diary and increase my protein intake. That seemed to do the trick...

    ...Until last night. I was on a first date with this gorgeous girl and it was going very well. I went to dinner with her and her friends and we all got along very well. She invited me back to her place and everything was fine. The moment I walked into her door I was overcome with extreme anxiety. I could feel my chest tighten and my hear started to race. I tried to relax and fight it but it got worse and worse. Finally, I had to throw up, and, again, have diarrhea for a period of about two hours (on and off, one then the other). The only difference between this time and other times is that I did not experience the dizziness that I normally feel. Obviously, it was humiliating, but it was the first time that I thought that I started to think that these symptoms could be related to an anxiety attack. Even this morning I still feel quite anxious and every time I think about this girl it gets more intense - although I am not feeling sick anymore.

    I have a doctors appointment in a couple of days and I was wondering if anyone could sort of guide me through that meeting. Should I ask for medication? Are there other symptoms that I might be overlooking (as someone who is new to this)? Does anyone have any suggestions based on similar experiences? Thank you, this is pretty strange for me because I've been pretty healthy my whole life. Any comments or advice is appreciated.

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    Hi Comgrad

    It does sound like it could be anxiety, especially the lightheadness\dizzyness. Vomiting, is also something i have experienced with a panic attack.
    Anxiety can also trigger IBS which would explain your other symptoms, there are many studies that suggest the guy is intrinsically linked to mental heath and stress/anxiety can cause disruption to your digestive system.

    On the other hand it could be a severe food allergy. Has your doctor run any food allergy tests? Sometimes these can develop later in life and food you have previously had no problems with can suddenly induce a reaction. Its something worth considering as you have eaten before the symptoms each time.

    If it is anxiety your sleep pattern is definitely something that can bring on attacks. When my sleeping pattern is altered it increases my level of anxiety, before i got my anxiety under control if i hadnt slept properly i would sometimes have to leave work early due to my anxiety.

    Are there any thoughts rushing through your head before your symptoms kick in? Are you thinking about worse case scenarios, such as the day not going well on the day you had the episode in the morning, had you done something that made you feel worried about your relationship when you where with your girlfriend? Obviously going back to a girls house on a first date there are plenty of anxious thoughts that could rush though your head.

    I would advise against medication if possible as i found it to be unhelpful in the long run and i personally it think it heightened my anxiety. Alot of the medication also takes a number of weeks to work and if you do what to come off them most you have to wean yourself off gradually which again is not a great process.



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