Ok, so I've been taking quietiapine at 25mg and just started taking it at 50mg tonight. Now the anxiety that I've been feeling, long lasting anxiety or anxiety attack as a sudden outburst feel like it's being blocked. Feels like it's TRYING to break through but fails to do so. The exception is today, I got a small amount of anxiety that came through...Just a little tho. Like, a 10sec outburst. Just note, I took only 25mg for the 1st week to get use to the side-effects of being dizzy and tired.

Thing is, the quietiapine has been working instantly. The day I started taking it, it's been blocking off the anxiety almost completely. As for the side-effects, they've gotten weaker very quickly. Infact, tonight I'm taking the 50mg and don't really feel too tired or dizzy at all. Now...Here's the part I'm a bit worried about. Is the fast decrease in side-effects in any way a sign that the benefit (anxiety being blocked) will decrease just as fast? In short, is the benefit gonna stick around? Or is the overall effect of this medication gonna wear off?

I'm asking cause I gotta make sure that I'm not in a position where I'm gonna need to increase this dosage to keep the anxiety blocked off until I'm taking a very unrealistic dosage and is pretty much no longer working. In short, I'm hoping the benefit is in no way a connection to the nasty side-effects that I'm already being rid of.