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    I posted already saying I was once addicted to xanax taking 2.4 gms daily. When referred to a psychiatrist he wasnt listening to what I said and told me to stop taking. The withdrawal effects were nhorrific and appafently worse than heroin.

    I have been on klonopin for a year. 0.5 or 1.0. Same would go for xanax. With benzos, they will continue to work safely for weeks or months at low dosages. Its only when you exceed the maximum recommended dosage that you get addicted. I think this is what Dahlia is trying to say.

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    Boo Bass it is exactly what I am trying to say, thank you. it is also what my psychiatrist says; lowest dose will not do a lot of harm and will prevent panic attacks ) It does... I still get panic attacks but I got ativan for it.
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    I take 2 mis a day now which scares the "you know what" out of me. I just read that the manufacture suggest dropping back .5 mg every three days . that seems really fast to me but I want off the stuff!!!



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