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    Question Anxiety Sufferer doing an art project on it at University. Questions!!

    Hello! I am 20 years old and have been suffering with anxiety since I was 11 years older. As time and life continued to happen my condition worsened and with help I have started to overcome alot of anxieties obstacles!

    I study Visual Communication at university in the UK. (Its kinda like graphic design and illustration)

    As a problem for myself and millions of other people, I decided to do final project on it for this year.

    I want to create a book that is relatable and tells peoples stories, but also more upbeat.

    A book of hope?

    I want to include things and techniques that help people so I am going to post a few questions and I hope some of you will answer to help me out!


    1. If you listen to music in times of high anxiety, what songs may you listen to and why?

    2. Can you think of some positives to having anxiety? (i.e. I'm very organised and never late!)

    3. Have you got any stories of that could offer some hope? (I.e. I didn't go to a supermarket on my own or at all, but now I can now because of...)

    4. Do you do certain activities to help overcome anxiety, if so what and how do they help? (Sports, Yoga, Drawing, Reading.)

    5. How have you managed you're anxiety?

    6. What advice would you give other anxiety sufferers?

    Only a few here, but if anyone could answer them that would be amazing!


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    Kudoz for your initiative! And for staying strong and getting better. I'll try answer your questions.

    1. I usually prefer to re-watch some well known TV shows that I have loved, even though I can cite them by heart (Friends, Modern Family... anything light really. Something that doesn't need any brain power. For the sake of science I will admit that I have kept up with the Kardashians at times and that I have watched every single episode of America's Next Top Model). When I do opt for music, it is always something up beat that brings back good memories. A good rhythm helps me.
    2. I have in fact become much better at not being late after anxiety! So there's one. Too soon for me to find positives yet.
    3. For me the biggest problem was accepting I have a problem. For months I tried to convince myself that I just needed to "get over myself". Until one day, while on my way to university, I started crying on the buss over, and completely froze in front of my faculty building. My legs would literally not move. I had a panic attack, and in full panic mode went to the university psychologist and sreamed I NEED HELP! The symbolic gesture of actually admitting to myself that I can't just get over myself and that having actually reached out for help, helped me more than I could imagine. I was inside my faculty, talking to my coordinator right after I was done with my first session the very same day.
    4. Whenever I feel that the activity I am doing is making me uncomfortable, I either find something to read - something completely unrelated to what I am doing, or simply turn to a completely unrelated activity, whatever it may be (if I'm at home, then I go to the shop for example, or if I am outside, I call someone and have a completely superficial conversation). That is for short term immediate actions. Working out helps me feel better overall.
    5. I haven't. Yet
    6. Don't be afraid to talk about it and seek help. As a "proud Balkan woman" (where these things are either not discussed at all, or not taken seriously at all), accepting and admitting to myself that I need help to get through this was the best thing I could have done for myself. And know that it doesn't define who you are. And that you have the tools to help your self the way it best suits you. It's like a pimple. Some pop it and it's gone, some change their diet, some need antibiotics.

    I hope my answers weren't too simplistic. I am relatively new with this, still trying to figure it out myself. I would love to read your final project though. Good luck with it!



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