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    "Be here, now" strategy

    Something that has worked well for me recently comes from a phrase used in one of my guided meditations (I do a daily 25-min mindfulness practice, which really helps with this!)

    It's a very simple phrase with very real implications:

    Be. Here. Now.

    In other words, be fully present in the moment with what is happening right now. Not what might happen, not what is about to happen, not what happened yesterday or two months ago or that one time you had a terrible panic attack in a similar situation. (Been there, done that!)

    Anxiety thrives on "what if?" questions. By dealing only with what is, the present moment becomes manageable, controllable, much less threatening. In each moment, you have the potential to be renewed, reborn, to emerge from distress, discomfort and intensity. Resist the urge to plan an elaborate escape. You are going to be ok... remember, each time you have felt this way, you have ultimately survived.

    Hope this helps someone! I didn't do a great job of remembering this today, so I'm posting it to remind myself, as well.

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    I really like this!!



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