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    Lightbulb Is This Normal? -Will It Go Away?

    Hello, all. I've been here before, but recently fell under some more anxiety. Does anyone know if it's normal while you're in these spells of anxiety to start a worry habit, mostly because you're just afraid of the anxiety the worry produces? For example, I am worried about my future, my success, what I'll do in life, etc, etc. It makes me feel uncertainty, uneasy, and anxious. Now normally, I do not worry about these things, I am usually able to take it day by day, just fine and dandy. It's weird because some moments, I am confident about it, others it makes me anxious. Does anxiety creates these worries, to an un-normal amount like this? Will it fade away? Funny I ask this, because last time I was under one of these "spells" it faded away.. but it's almost like I have to be certain it will. I think it more or less all comes back to the fear of anxiety. Fear of doing all these things in my future because I feel like I won't be able to cope with or handle the anxiety that comes with success, and work, and living on my own, etc. Anyone relate that has overcome this problem? Thanks for any advice or nice comments....
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    I often have the same feelings as well And they are very destructive, because they lock you away from progress. Use the good days to progress and try to live through the bad ones. If you have a workout routine, a free study you might want to pick up on an online platform (try edX there are some for free), volunteer job (online or not) try to focus on them on the bad days, because they help turning your attention away from the fear and the worry cycle. Try to find something valuable to do, so it shifts your attention and the end of the day you still feel you achieved something. Don't lock yourself up in your apartment, try go on daily walks, or go to an inspirational museum or place you know sometime, so the positive vibes from life can reach you!

    On the other hand, sit down sometimes and read a good book, watch a good movie, while telling yourself I am not wasting my time, I am relaxing now, I deserve it to gain strenght to face my anxiety and my daily tasks.

    Also if you wander too far away in the future, try to shift your attention back to the NOW. Because it is the NOW we are living in, it is the NOW when we have to do things, small or big. I know it is hard. I am also trying. I tell you the same thing what Salvator told me, don't let your future fears be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You do have the strenght in yourself. You can make it. Take a deep breath and say to yourself that you are not letting it defeat you.

    I think I got carried away, so I finish now. But these are the same things I wish for myself as well. And don't stop if you fail a little, or have a bad day. It happens. Just carry on and note all little progres you make to help learn to be proud of yourself.
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