Now that my Disability has been cancelled from working every day almost last year when called for my teaching assignments. Now this year the district supposedly claims to have gone and hired more subs and are not using all of us Old Dinosaurs who happen to call our sub job our career. So, now I cant accept enuf sub assignments to pay my bills with or worry about having money for a rainy day in Georgia???Now what am i gonna do. Plus I went and got myself a lil 2nd eve/weekend job cleaning the diner and they are only scheduling me 10 hours a week on the average. I cant even call it worthwhile to commute to this p/t job for 10 miserly hours a week to work. I've gotta find a better Day Job Lord. I have a phone Interview this afternoon but I don't even know what the job entails?????I feel so confuzed and like a cat being run up a telephone pole by a bunch of Dogz taking over round this neck of No California . They are all the same, and they are running our city and favoring them over US 2!!!