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    Cool So the other night at work someone put the music up way too high, in the dining room

    I already feel nervous, and am on my period and when the music was super loud, and me as a fellow employee, I just didn't know what to do? What should I have Donne? Im a new employee, but someone is abusing their privilege to touch the music system at work. That loud music affects children, pregnant women, elders too.I felt like they were doing it to cover up some commotion in the back kitchen???What do i know Im just The Dining Room Hostess?????But really that made my period not so comfortable and im no teen anymore either, almost 50 years old. I honestly wanted to smack the smart aleck for doing that to all the people in the dining room though....

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    I feel your pain, there is a moron next booth to me, listening this awful music, so loud. I bothers me due my hearing loss and using hearing aids , but I asked around and it does bother others. What an asshole he is. I am terryfied that I will not get what people talk to me...........and the noise , just awful
    I get very anxious due this noise
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