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    Anxiety is ruining my life.

    I am going to try and keep this as short as possible.

    I have been out of work for nearly 2 years due to my panic attacks becoming progressively worse. I can't even leave my flat, without feeling sick and anxious. Once I get in to town, I can barely last 10-20 minutes before having to go home. I have no friends whatsoever. I want to move forward and get a job, join a yoga class and have a routine to my life, but I can't do these things as I am becoming more and more house bound every day.

    I haven't seen my parents in over a year, because I am too afraid of travelling there. I feel tired and worn out easily- had blood tests for this and I was vitamin D deficient. Levels were back to normal after taking tablets, but I have been feeling rubbish again since the start of December; sleeping in, tiredness, poor sleep, craving carbs, depression. Was given a light box for this, but I don't feel the effects yet. These physically feelings are making me more panicky, and so I am barely leaving my flat. I've not been able to go to any events etc, and I have been missing out on a lot.

    I am not receiving any support because the NHS here is rubbish. Don't know what to do. Also too anxious to take medication.

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    hello purplehills21 yes i can sympathise with you it has all but ruined mine. what i am left with is voluntary work which enables me to "manage it" my GP surgery is totally broken for me and as i type this i have both anxiety and depression and feeling i am heading towards......zip lets not even go there....

    i am having a day in today because i am at a strong risk of screaming at someone at worst and at best crying uncontrollably.just get worse o dear... and in a bit i have a surveyor coming to look at the flat....well the NHS might have its problems but if you were in the USA your mh would bankrupt you as you have to pay to get anything there as i understand it.
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