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    The other scary 'm' word...

    Anyone here have specific experience with non-smoked forms of medical marijuana and generalized anxiety?

    Valium works well enough for me most of the time, but if I have to keep taking it for too long my sleep becomes constant AND un-restful. On the advice of my therapist and with the OK from my MD, I'm seeing one of the 2 doctors in my county who deals with "green cards". My therapist strongly believes that the edible medicinal preparations would be of great help, and I do have some past experience with such things. Many people say their anxieties get worse with marijuana use, but I've found that what I get is restful sleep, enough appetite to keep situational depression from distracting me into starving myself again, and whatever pain my pill prescription isn't knocking down gets an extra edge or six worn off.

    I'm not surfing for an answer I want to hear. That is the kind of behavior that keeps people like us from getting good help all too often. I'm interested in ALL opinions relating to non-smoked marijiana and generalized anxiety (mine also comes with a small side of OCD and a HUGE side of panic attacks).

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    my panic attack triggered after my first try of marijuana edibles. Haven't been the same since. I had a high dose for my first due to the idiot i was with. maybe it will help with low dose.

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    I had smoked it, it actually relax me, the panic attacks were always after drinking some alcohol
    I think everyone reacts differently to it
    I am old but I have nothing against big "M"
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    POT? In the form of smoking it = drug induced schizophrenia for my Brother (later a suicide case) For me - it heightens my anxiety to the extreme OR - I turn into a vegetable ... lol ... I go from manic episode into serene blissful moments:

    I like the serene moment where I am calm though ... I think when I ingest it without smoking I get more the positive effect - BUT I believe it comes at a cost due to the fact that it is no longer grown naturally and or the genetics have changed over time as well. A lot of the psychotropic reaction can come down to the plant/seeds and the way it is grown ... let alone the way it is taking into the body. MORE SO THE → THC!

    Lisa will soon be applying for medical pot as is about to be legal in our state. In the right form, taken the right way - it can be a life saver to be sure. I don't think there is any disputing that. We are all different in what we get from taking whatever. (a lot depends on our current health) I know I do pretty good on Valerian when I need to relax, however the dosing has to be in line with my digestive ability, how much I have eating, how long since my last meal, how I am feeling and even what I an thinking ... which is why pot in its "general" state from the average dealer is quite a psychotic trigger for me and many others - Whilst on the other hand ... it can be quite relaxing and healing giving me the rest I often need. (although is limited and short lived when that pot has THC) Due to the former and unavailability of actually getting POT WITHOUT THE THC levels which is what the life saving medical pot is ... is why I don't touch the stuff. LEAF has lower amounts of THC and is why many people prefer the calmer effect from that compared with Skunk and the more hard hitting kinds that blow your socks off!!! - and for some of us lead to full blown phycosis!

    To get the best results OR healing component - (anti anxiety medical properties) - the THC needs to be taken out as it's the trigger ingredient that leads to adverse reactions. Sadly many people don't like the idea of taking out the THC ... which is kind of sad, given that pot without THC can still be relaxing. It's just not a high. It's a NATURAL calming effect that requires clean living for best outcomes. People who wish to continue eating garbage, drinking, smoking, doing drive thorough meals and shoveling down comfort food would barley be able to feel benefits of natural meds ... In fact they don't ... which is why most people either want the hard meds that doctors give to counter the effects of our modern living - OR - people want the THC left in their pot.

    No matter how you have your pot ... if it's still got the THC - then it counters the benefits ... the calming effect that some people claim that comes at any rate ... comes at a cost like coffee does for people who rely on that. Especially for those who use it on a regular basis ... those who are not pot heads and only have it from time to time misinterpret the calming effect as beneficial when really if they were to use it as a regular thing ... they would soon discover that over time they will need more in order to derive the same benefits ... in much the same way ... doctors up the dose of their synthetic meds.

    That's my take - I know a LOT of schizophrenics that smoke that shit as well as talked to burning bushes and I also about got DXed on my way to going the same road. (My brain is still effected) On the other hand ... it's like comfort food to a lot of people ... but that's the THC for ya - not the medical pot ... medical pot has the THC taken out for good reason. It's toxic as hell - think of it as an anti- nutrient ... where nutrition is everything to healing ... and THC is NOT.
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