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    Question Does this sound like PTSD?

    *i apologize for the lengthy story. Im going to keep it as short as i can. and I'm not seeking pity. Im just explaining the situation, btw * My parents abused drugs from the time i was 14 till i was a few weeks shy of 18. Both of my parents had medical conditions which is why they were on the meds in the first place. ANYWAY, i witnessed my parents doped up, strung out, nodding out in public and feeling ignored by my parents. I felt emotionally neglected and when i would show my parents anything they'd seem uninterested. It got progressively worse as the time went on. I saw them get arrested 3-4 times. I watched the police raid my home. and take my things.
    They got arrested the last time in March of 2014. They've been gone for 20+ months.
    I experience lots of debilitating fear, anxiety, panic attacks and DP/DR that have only gotten worse. These things intensify greatly when I discuss or think about these things deeply. Even explaining them causes me distress.
    I believe all of these years of enduring this stuff, might have caused some PTSD?? I remember one time when my aunt was discussing how my parents would behave under the influence, i went into hysterics. I was hyperventilating and crying and i was shaking.

    I know a therapist should probably determine this but unfortunately i don't have insurance and i was looking for advice from those who might have PTSD. Thanks guys.

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    Hi tidalpine. I think I suffer PTSD. After a stressful event has passed and you should be looking forward, the nagging feelings of anxiety seem to return. My daughter is recovering from an illness that rocked the family because it was so sudden and extreme. I think we are strong at the time but after the crisis passes (in our case 2.5 years and still counting) you then can think more about your own mental health. This is where I am at......I am trying to come off meds to get back to baseline but I am finding it really difficult. Those anxious feelings are there but without the triggers that have existed in the past. I know the meds helped reduce these feelings but I would like to exist without them if possible. This is post traumatic and so I liken it to PTSD



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