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    I like the post from I'm-Suffering.

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    Hi tidalpine,

    When I read your poste, I thought to myself two years back, when I was feeling continuous anxiety, anger, and I was shouting the whole time on anyone and without any reason.
    At that time I was doing researches on internet to find out how to deal with my illness, and bingo!! I found the Alpha relaxation method, it is very efficient with immediate result, and you can do it anytime and anywhere.
    Try it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidalpine View Post
    Im stuck in a state where i feel like any moment I'm either gonna die or pass out or something. Like, its like a constant state where I'm stuck in this "pre-panic attack" like right before you have one. My stomach feels all fluttery and I feel like i can't pay attention to anything else besides how I'm feeling . My stomach is in knots and i feel all tense . night time makes me feel worse though. Ive been struggling with severe anxiety for the past few weeks with panic attacks. I just don't know if my body is so used to the panic that it won't shut off.
    Anyone have any tips or have this feeling too?? I'm just scared that this isn't normal. i just want to live peacefully.
    HI ! I know how you feel trust me! I want you to remember my words now.Humans do not die so easy believe or not.Trust me you will not die from adrenaline all you feel is adrenaline rush that make these crazy feelings of horror.IF you can run 30 min your adrenaline will go lower and you will feel better.Of course if you are in a public place just keep in mind that that energy in you is OK to be there and its there to protect you.This is defensive mechanism of your body that is not design to kill you.At this stage you can run more you will feel less pain if something hurt you and even your mind is safe .Do not worry that u will go crazy I was doing this before It's OK .If you are so scared use antidepressants they will help with the panic.But i really think that panic attacks can be overcome without drugs.

    Good luck and remember you are not alone in your battle.



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