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    has anyone tried this?? wondering why not.

    Has anyone tried Meditation? I'd very bad cases of panic attacks, depression and was without any support.

    I picked up one old dusty book on controlling emotions by an Indian Yogi (I still have it) and it worked well... then I graduated to more spiritual stuffs.

    And now I'm going forward in my life really well. I'm recognised at my workplace as the go-to guy, my seniors place lot of confidence in me, my family feels proud for me... I was bad at dating but one cute girl fell for me and married me... so overall I'm living a good normal life.

    I realised maybe some people don't need such things, but I'm different. I needed to turn to spirituality to control my roller-coaster ride of emotions.

    Now whenever I feel overwhelmed I just meditate along with Meditation CDs of Dr Brain Weiss and many other authors... Just wondering has anyone tried this sort of self-help??? If not then why not? (some of them don't require you to be religious.)


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    Just sitting quietly in the woods with my dog benefits me greatly after work. I don't follow a particular meditation philosophy or anything like that, but getting back to nature and letting my mind slip into neutral are very beneficial things.



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