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    Red face A NATURAL Cure For Panic Attacks and Anxiety

    If this could be posted as a sticky, that would be much appreciated.
    ** Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional, but I have experienced a lot of symptoms people of this board have. This regimen may not work for everyone, especially if people's anxiety is environmentally produced, but I have a hunch it will work for many whose anxiety is physical in origin.

    To start off, around July of last year I started to have weird feelings pop up sometimes in public where I’d suddenly zone out, my heart would race, I couldn’t concentrate and I’d feel dizzy and out of control. They usually passed within a few minutes. Around September II went to a school doctor for a constant fluttery heart, and also “physical depression” and they did some blood tests and found out I was low on vitamin D (17). They just told me I might be close to my period and that’s why my heart is sometimes racey and that I should schedule with a therapist for the “depression.” I tried to tell them it wasn’t mental in origin but I went along with it anyway. Went to therapist, didn’t really help, she tried to pick apart at some underlying psychological worry or trauma I was having when there was none and I kept trying to tell her that I could feel it was physical and that nothing mentally was bothering me. I stopped going to her.

    Come October, the panic attacks started hitting me full storm. I tried to rationalize this by saying that it was a result of the birth control the doctors had put me on prior for headaches that would not go away and irregular periods. I stopped the birth control but that didn’t help. When the attacks hit, I couldn’t talk, I’d feel like I needed to run away or scream or have someone call an ambulance. I could barely walk when I was in this state. I often froze. And I remember having a friend sit with me for one hour in my room while I was mute, staring at the coffee table, breathing heavily, and debating whether I should have him call an ambulance as it felt like I was having a heart attack. I eventually could come out of them but it was miserable and they kept happening. I tried to hide it from my mom but it came to a point where I couldn’t anymore. Worried sick she rushed me to my primary care doctor who prescribed me Xanax and Zoloft. I thought this might help but it just didn’t “feel” right. There was no reason for this to occur. I didn’t want to be on those drugs. Needless to say I did end up taking them for a while, and I dropped out of school because the panic attacks were too frequent and horrible.

    I was clearly tired of feeling like this. I took to online for answers and found, here, as well as a member on here, who said that they had cured their panic attacks with vitamin D. A light bulb went off in my head because I had stayed inside all summer and a lot of the days. I immediately looked further into seeing if it helped other people and it sure did. I found out the safe max doses I could take and rushed out to get vitamin D supplements and also magnesium and vitamin K2 which work together for the best absorption of vitamin D. After a month of this, the world had changed. I was able to function, my clarity and sanity was coming back, and the panic attacks died down. After 3 months I felt like a renewed person, got my blood test done again and my levels were adequate. (57). I could go outside, engage with people, stay out with friends and have a good time again, hell I can even drive without worry now! I still wasn’t “completely” free of panic attacks and anxiety but it was infrequent to where I only got panic attacks waking up sometimes. I could happily function again.

    I continued with maintenance doses of a multi vitamin and the vitamin D regimen supplementation for a few months, had a few blips back into moody times, even though I wasn’t having panic attacks so I thought there might be something else I was simply missing. I looked for further answers, something else that I might have overlooked and a thread on here mentions using L-glutamine and amino acids to cure anxiety. Holy hell these are great! I’m a vegan, and eat a lazy diet so it would make sense that I might be low on those two things as well, but of course, anyone can be deficient. These I feel like were the closing piece of the puzzle. A day after taking them, I feel so mellow and chill. I only take them when I start getting moody, and these get me right back to normal the next day.

    I can’t state enough how much this changed my life. And it makes sense. People often get what doctors call “seasonal affective disorder”/ depression around wintertime because they are inside more. It’s sad that instead of treating the problem with vitamin D, they throw anti depressants on people, which don’t get me wrong, many people claim help them, but for a lot of people is only treating the symptom, not the cause. Unfortunately for me, I just stayed inside so much that I rarely got much sun at all. I would be in an even worse state now if I hadn’t really tried to understand and fix this. Even people who go outside regularly are at risk because of clothing cover and also it depends on how well your skin absorbs vitamin D from the sun. I know there are several of you out there who are confined to your houses, a slave to your anxiety and panic disorder who don’t see themselves being able to live a normal life. I can’t bear the thought of that, so I once again, must share my story, in the hopes that some of you will recover and can start leading normal lives again.

    I will leave you guys some links of the products I recommend and have used along my anxiety/panic disorder journey that I really think will help if not CURE you like they have me. I have checked safe upper limits for all of the supplements I have taken and recommended here. I have no concern or worry. Nothing I'm recommending here is above the current upper limit levels for health, in fact most is mild level and safely under, except the vitamin D which I took at the max (10,000 iu) for the speediest recovery, but always double check if you are unsure or if you think you have a condition that would complicate things.

    1. Vitamin D Take 1-2 tablets Daily for 3 months along with mag NOW Foods Vitamin D3 5000 Iu, 240 Softgels

    2. Magnesium Take 1 a day with vitamin D Country Life - Chelated Magnesium, 250 mg, 180 tablets

    3. Vitamin K2 Take 3 tablets every 3 days. You don't need it all the time or everyday. It is recommended to take though as it helps prevent and remove calcium deposits of the arteries which would be more of a problem when taking high doses of vitamin D. Now Foods Vitamin K-2 (MK7) Veg Capsules, 100 mcg, 60 Count

    4. L-Glutamine Take 1 a day or when you feel moody NOW Foods L-Glutamine 500mg, 120 Capsules

    5. Amino Acid Complex Take 1 a day or when you feel moody Solgar Essential Amino Complex Vegetable Capsules, 90 Count

    6. B-12 Complex Take 1 every 3-7 days. Helps with the proper utilization of amino acids. Jarrow's B-Right Complex

    If money is an issue, I would prioritize the vitamin D, L-glutamine and Amino complex, but all work together and will likely add to you feeling better.
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    No replies? All those things help but in the end it boils down to attitude, you only get better if you really want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davit View Post
    No replies? All those things help but in the end it boils down to attitude, you only get better if you really want to.
    I have known no one that cured their anxiety with vitamins. Vitamins can help balance things a bit but as you stated, it is more a mind thing than physical in most cases

    People that believe that vitamins will cure them may have that happen. But I believe it is their belief they will work, not the vitamins themselves that help them
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    B vitamins can do wonders, but high B12 can over stimulate an already over active mind. Same with minerals. I strongly recommend blood tests first to see what you are low on. Vitamin D3 does little if you are low on Calcium. It is a fact though that a lot of people are low on vitamins and minerals and the essential amino acids.

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    Thank you guys for your replies. I wouldn't say even in most cases Nixon. There are probably a handful of mental and physical reasons for anxiety on both sides. In america we are inundated with ads for unhealthy food, and our culture promotes food that often is lower in nutritional content, so it makes sense how people are becoming so sick for a myriad of reasons here. Panic attacks can be brought on by trauma and I knew a person that happened to anytime she goes back to a city where she got brutally harassed and attacked by law enforcement but I think someone would have a better understanding of that being a mental thing than just something they feel happens without warning or reason.

    And yes Davit. I recommended spreading the b12 out for that reason because the complex is of a higher dosage, but not near the highest i've seen. You have to ask your doctor specifically for a comprehensive blood test as most ones done in the labs don't test for b12, vitamin D, etc though they do usually test for calicum.



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