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    Red face Help me to get anxiety talked about positively!

    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly, please excuse me I've never really used a forum before, so I'm a total newbie here!
    A little bit about me, I've had anxiety for 4 years, suffered very bad panic attacks which look like epileptic fits. At my worst, I could not even leave my room without having one of these 'fits'..I was even having them in my sleep. I've had every test under the sun, but drew a blank...until they finally pinpointed my anxiety.

    I was suffering so badly, I had to suspend my degree and return to living at my family home. This was devastating, and I truly hit absolute rock bottom.
    However, I picked myself up, forced myself to go on and got myself a job. I got used to the routine and learnt to train and manage my my anxiety..I still suffer, and have bad days (don't we all) but I'm getting there.

    I have now since gone back to university and resumed my studies. Since going back to university, I've begun a project which I'm hoping will help to lift the stigma of having anxiety, and go some way to getting people to understand what it means/feels like to suffer. The project will then be exhibited at the end of my degree in London next summer.

    This is where I would absolutely love and appreciate anyone's help. I'm looking for anyone who is brave enough to talk about having anxiety to share their experiences with me (confidentially if preferred) I would like to hear your story, and with that I will create a series of photographic pieces which reflect your feelings and make the internal 'external'.
    All of this would be entirely anonymous and no details other than your words would be shared. Although having anxiety is an experience many of us go through, it is highly individual and everyone has a different notion of what it feels like, and this is what I would like to liberate.

    I know talking about your feelings can be very difficult, but I believe that it goes some way, however small, to helping the recovery process.
    If anyone is willing to talk to me, that would be really fantastic and helpful...I'm not sure how to use the private messages on here, but use that if you would rather, I don't bite!

    Thank you x

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    I know for a fact that a person can be totally free from anxiety and panic attacks but also know that it take certain conditions that are not always attainable. I also know cruel people can destroy these necessary conditions to prove a point even thought the point they prove is not theirs. It just looks like it is.

    Good luck, it takes more than positive thought, it takes positive situation.



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