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    Useful self help books

    I'd like to start this thread off with a book, ]Hardwiring Happiness by Dr Rick Hanson. It is a very clear guide to the neuroscience behind negative and positive thoughts and simple tools for increasing the positive and being more graceful with the negative.

    What other books have people found useful?

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    "Feeling Good." The New Mood Therapy. Harper Collins.1999. ( updated sequel to his US bestseller about treating depression & anxiety; very comprehensive), by David D. Burns, M.D., from Amazon.com or BarnesAndNoble.com

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    Thanks Nowuccas. I wonder if anyone has read any of the Three Principles books?

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    Letting it Go : Attaining Awareness Out of Adversity by Bev Aisbett is what my current GP recommended and appears to be widely regarded.

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    Thanks, that is a new one for me. I would be interested to know if you find it useful, and in what ways.



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