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    My Doctor doesn't help

    I'm 19 and I have only been dealing with anxiety for about a year. I only recently began going to a psychiatrist. She sucks. I talked to her for about an hour and she told me to do all the things you can find online (ie breathe, count, ..) I told her I had done these things and she insisted that I continue trying. I went in a second time and told her nothing helped she basically just said sorry and to keep practicing. I asked her about medications I knew of because I have to deal with my anxiety while im in school and that's usually when I have the most trouble. She basically said she wouldn't give me any meds. (and that would be fine if her options actually worked) I could really use some advice or tips from anyone that has the same troubles or knows really great ways to cope or even just someone to talk to. I have straight up panic attacks during class and I also have issues thinking that people can hear my thoughts and immediately my thought pattern will switch to something completely inappropriate and or something just flat out untrue. It feels like sabotage and I get worried that I'm saying these things out loud even when I know that i am not. Any help would be awesome!

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    I'm from CA also and am 21. What part are you from? Also meds do help and I would see someone else to be honest. Never hurts to get a second or even third opinion. Regular talk therapy can help too if you think something deeper can be causing it. Therapy and meds together can be great.



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