Hi guys Im new to the forum and very new to online things but I stumbled across this forum and wanted to share a discovery! I am a fan of eBooks and have been for a while (I also suffer from anxiety if you hadn't already guessed lol) but I thought I would share the word as I was strolling though the ebooks on anxiety on kindle store for my kindle and I saw something called Anxiety Delete. I have read a lot of books on Anxiety but this one for me was very brief and very witty. some of the things mentioned in it were somewhat comical too but at the same time made an awful lot of sense to me. I mean I think I paid something like 1.99 for it but it was well worth the read definitely! Just thought I would recommend it to anyone else suffering from Anxiety! its on amazon just type in Anxiety Delete into amazon kindle store and should pop up hope it helps guys!