Hey everyone.
So, for the longest time now, I've been constantly moving my eyes and scrunching my nose/mouth. And I've researched a lot on it, but couldn't really find much. I think it's due to lack of sleep along with stress/anxiety/depression. I wasn't born with any condition that would cause me to do this stuff, It just kind of started a few years ago. But now it's to the point where my eyes/face have a weird numbness to them when I move them, plus I have an almost constant headache. So of course it's going to cause some anxiety (along with every other "oh gosh what If i'm dying of _______?"...
I live in a small town, and the hospitals here aren't the most advanced, anddd I can't drive in a car for long time periods, thanks to my lovely anxiety. But I recently had blood tests, an EKG and some x-rays, and everything came back fine (except one little spot on the EKG, but we ruled that out as "monitor kept falling off thanks to chest hair"... Ha)
Anyone else have similar experiences like this? Or, should I go get this checked out?