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    Hello from Philadelphia

    Hi all,

    I think I was a member on this forum before and am returning because my anxiety is back in full force. I started experiencing tachycardia (or at least becoming aware of it) in the last two weeks or so (for hours at a time, my heart rate would shoot up into the 110-120 range for no reason at all). Of course, this raised all the familiar questions: "Am I about to die? How long can my heart hold out like this?" and so forth.

    I went into the doctor at my college campus today. As always, they couldn't hear any problems based on a stethoscope (I've had EKGs, a chest x-ray and a Holter monitor test in the past that showed no signs of anything wrong) so they drew some blood. Chances are, it's a deficiency of some kind, hyperthyroidism, or anxiety/stress. I'm hoping it's one of the first two, because it feels more treatable. I have not had much luck treating anxiety or depression. But I will say, the fact that my heart rate calms down (albeit at a slow pace) once I return to my home where I live alone, it worries me that it is in fact an anxiety of some kind.

    In the last year, I've moved halfway across the country by myself, experienced a massive heartbreak (and will continue having to regularly see the person responsible for it, as he is a classmate/coworker), my mother had a stroke, my grandmother was hospitalized and my father who is in very poor health (an alcoholic, diabetic and obese) just retired, so I'm concerned about him as well. I can easily see how my racing heart can be caused by anxiety, but I'm just worried about the lasting effects of this anxiety and when it becomes a danger to my health.

    I know a heart-related obsession is pretty commonplace with anxiety and that many of you probably experience the same thing, so I'd be happy to hear your stories. It's hard to know when to worry about it and when it's nothing to worry about and you're just making it worse by worrying (if that makes any sense).

    About me: I'm a bookworm, someone who wishes he were a writer, a teacher, an animal lover and unfortunately those are the only real things I can think of right now, but let's get to know each other more later.

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    Hello :3

    I find that your username is very smart.

    I'm sorry to hear about the tachychardia... I am the same way. It sucks... :/
    And so does that heartbreak thing, as well as that place where it's going towards it...
    which I find the worst place of all. ><



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